About Us

What is Powder Coating ?

When thinking about coatings we tend to see them as a decorative way of beautifying the substrate and our surroundings. When you expose them to harsher environments the demand for performance properties increases. Powder coating meets the desire for a high quality finish enabling for maximized production, improved efficiencies, and is environmentally friendly with no volatile organic compounds. It also exists in a wide variety of colors, textures and provides an attractive finish. It is much tougher than liquid paint!

What is Ceramic Coat ?

A ceramic rich liquid coating that is applied through an electrostatic spray gun on the substrate where high heat is a factor, capable of withstanding up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for engine components like exhaust systems, internal engine components resulting in an extremely durable finish. it also has outstanding corrosion resistance unlike any other fInish.

Why Choose Magnus Coatings ?

When dealing with us you can be sure that the process is of highest and strictest standards of coatings. Designed to help maintain the integrity and strength of your parts. During the stripping process many facilities will weaken and damage your wheels or parts.

Quick services:

Beware Of:

  • Facilities that BURN OFF the existing coating! this will damage wheels beyond repair and can potentialy cause catastrophic failures.
  • HARSH ABRASIVES like steel shot and coarse aluminum oxide. These types of media can cut and remove material resulting in a weakened structure. At Magnus we use a variety of media suited for the right job all drawn by a vacuum and NOT by pressure blasters.
  • Strong chemicals and acids that attack the alloy and metal substrate. Many facilities will damage the wheel beyond repair and you will never notice.

Our cleaning methods include steam and acetone, making sure that it does not affect in any case the substrate. Our state of the art equipment allows us to diminish any possibility of deposits during the coating and curing process. Our powders are stored in a dry and temperature controlled room, and any powder that is 10 months old is thrown out or used for research purposes.

Above all we will make sure that we make the entire process easy for the customer going as far as doing one wheel and wait for approval. We will also guide you and give you the right advice for your needs.

Ask us about our various finishes and colors, from candy to dormant, flat or glossy. You will be shocked at all the possibilities powder coat and our team can offer.